I can help you prepare, run, and synthesize ideas so that your brainstorming session is successful and your team has what they need to keep moving the project forward. Basic services include a 1 hour call to help with brainstorm setup and framing your questions, live sketching during the brainstorming session, post-brainstorm review and synthesis of ideas, and sketches to illustrate the top ideas that you want to develop further.

$12,000 | On-site for 3 days with remote follow-up. Travel and expenses included when located in the continental US.

$7500 | Remote assistance and follow-up. I will be available to meet with you and your team as needed.


If you need help creating concepts and sketches for a project, send me your brief with a budget and I’ll set up a call so that we can discuss how I may be able to help you reach your desired outcome.

$5000+ | Fees and Services are determined by each project’s needs.