The Creative Process & Time

The creative process can be utilized in a specific timeframe, especially if there is a project or problem that needs a solution by a deadline. But, there is also the long-term creative process that occurs across one's life. I have become increasingly aware of this fact, by being intentional about writing down ideas, making sketches, … Continue reading The Creative Process & Time

Questions that Spark Creativity

There are a few core questions that spark creative thinking: Could this be different?How can we solve this problem?What about this? Each of those lead individuals and teams from doing things as they have always been done, and exploring new territory. They also come from a curious mindset that is always exploring and open to … Continue reading Questions that Spark Creativity

Defining Terms: The Creative Process

The creative process is a process that an individual or group goes through in order to come up with new ideas and begin refining and selecting the best ideas. (I see this process as fitting into a larger exercise that may be used to develop solutions, services, products, or buildings in a specific discipline.) The … Continue reading Defining Terms: The Creative Process

Defining Terms: Brainstorming

When the word "brainstorming" is spoken, most people will think of people in a room, around a conference table, throwing out crazy ideas while a facilitator guides the discussion and writes comments down. That image of brainstorming has been the focus of much discussion and critique, but I think it misses the point. Let's take … Continue reading Defining Terms: Brainstorming